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Firefly 2 is a Worthy Successor


Vaporizers took awhile to catch on. When they first came to the market they were met with a level of skepticism and disbelief. If you look at how they are received now the difference is night and day. The Vaporizer industry is one that has absolutely exploded in popularity. There are so many different vaporizers on the market that serve all sorts of purposes and customer types. Many people wanted a vaporizer that could do a little bit of everything well and they got just that with the Firefly vaporizer.

The Legacy of the Original Firefly

The original Firefly vaporizer was extremely popular in the burgeoning vaping community. Firefly reviews were always resoundingly positive. It was one of the first vaporizers to have all of the power of a desktop vaporizer while still affording all of the convenience and style of a portable vaporizer. It quickly became a runaway success and for many vapers it is still one of the gold standards for portability and power rolled into one package. However, it has been a while since the original was introduced so the team at Firefly have created a brand new model, the Firefly 2. If you are curious about what the Firefly line has to offer then here is how the Firefly 2 compares to the original.

New and Improved Battery Models

There were not a lot of criticisms to be leveled at the original model Firefly vaporizer. For the most part it was an incredible vaporizer that was high performance. Unfortunately the batteries were not high performance at all. In fact they were terrible. They would not hold a charge for very long. They would take forever to recharge. They would eventually cease to be able to hold any kind of charge at all. This was a serious problem with the vaporizer and it seriously hampered the performance and reputation of an amazing vaporizer.

The new batteries have been completely redesigned by the team at Firefly. They are made to perform just as well as the vaporizer itself. They no longer take forever to charge. They hold a charge for much longer. And best of all they do not give out on you completely after only a month or two of use. They are a significant improvement that live up to the high performance of the Firefly itself. This is the kind of improvement that everybody wants to see on a follow up product.

Easy to Clean Body For Greater Convenience and Performance

If there is one thing that everybody agrees on when it comes to portable vaporizers it would be that they are a real nuisance to clean. They have so many small pieces such as screens that you have to really work at to clean. Making things worse is the fact that the pieces are so small that they are easy to break. If you break a piece and are out of your warranty then you could have to spend the money to replace the piece, if not the entire vaporizer. Needless to say this could become a very expensive problem to have to deal with.

With the Firefly you do not have to worry about cleaning any small pieces or components. You do not have to worry about cleaning up any small screen. This is because the Firefly is simply designed. It is essentially one large piece. All you have to do to clean it is take some isopropyl alcohol and a completely clean cleaning cloth and give a thorough wipe down. You want to make sure to dab the cleaning cloth with some of the alcohol. This takes less than a minute in total. Best of all you only have to clean it after every five or six vaping sessions.
The Firefly 2 is a dream of a vaporizer. It is a fantastic successor to the original model that offers the maximum amount of enjoyment that you would expect from a desktop sized vaporizer while still having all of the convenience and portability of a portable vaporizer. If you are a person who is looking into vaporizers and cannot decide which one is right to start out with then you should definitely consider getting the Firefly 2. It will absolutely amaze you.

Get a Better Experience With E Cigarettes

In recent years we have seen a growing number of people abandon regular cigarettes. This is because regular cigarettes have reached the end of the road. They are no longer satisfying for smokers and they have become incredibly stale. Smokers have abandoned the cigarette ship for something better, something more satisfying. They have switched to e cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are simply the best experience that a smoker can have. Here are some of the reasons why electronic cigarettes leave regular cigarettes in the dust.


Top Quality Flavor

One of the biggest advantages that electronic cigarettes have over regular cigarettes is that of top quality flavor. Electronic cigarettes simply taste stronger and more authentic than the “real thing.” There are several reasons for that. First of all, regular cigarettes are lousy when it comes to having decent flavor. Think about what goes into a cigarette beyond the tobacco. The tobacco itself is seeped in thousands and thousands of chemicals in order to give smokers the effect that tobacco companies want. Then the tobacco is burned. So not only are you tasting a burned product, you are tasting burned chemicals. The idea of flavor fidelity is completely out the window because you are not tasting what they advertise.

The Reason For the Flavor

One of the biggest reasons why electronic cigarettes are able to offer the best fidelity to flavor of any other option is because their flavor comes from e liquid. E liquid utilizes a highly concentrated flavoring that is made to be as authentic tasting as possible. It is important that the ingredients do not dilute the flavor. For that reason you will find that most e cigarette companies have a similar formula that they adhere to with the primary ingredients being water, nicotine, and flavoring. There is not much deviation from that formula and there are some companies that even opt to leave out the nicotine entirely. This leads to a more satisfying overall experience, especially if you get your flavors from a reputable company such as My7s.


If there is one thing that truly separates electronic cigarettes from the rest of the pack it would easily be variety. First of all, electronic cigarettes offer up a plethora of flavors that is truly spectacular. You can have any number of flavors such as tobacco, menthol, cherry, blueberry, chocolate, and numerous others. You can even mix and match different flavors until you find the combination that you like best. There is practically no limit to what you can do. There are even different accessories and batteries that can be used so that you can better customize the experience you have with your e cigarette to suit your needs.


One of the biggest advantages that you receive when you switch over to electronic cigarettes is the ability to reuse your e cig. When you finish with a regular cigarette you must throw away the pack and the butts because they are no longer useful. With electronic cigarettes you have a battery that you can recharge and usually a flavor cartridge that can be refilled. This means that, so long as you have more e liquid on standby, you can go a very long time before having to replace your e cigarette at all. This adds tremendous value to your purchase.

Minor Drawbacks

Now it does need to be said that there are some drawbacks to electronic cigarettes. For example, there is a higher upfront cost for an e cigarette than there is a pack of regular cigarettes. This stems from the fact that electronic cigarettes are built to a much higher standard than regular cigarettes. They have to be durable and they have to be able to withstand repeat use. However, when you compare the overall value that they are over a longer period of time it does not take long to realize that electronic cigarettes are worth every penny.

The Next Logical Step

Electronic cigarettes have cemented their place in smoking history as being the next logical step. Regular cigarettes are obsolete and it is time to put the final nail in their coffin. They are overly expensive, they taste nasty, and they are no longer satisfying. Take a step into the future with electronic cigarettes and get the experience that you have been missing with regular cigarettes. Get the superior quality, taste, and experience that electronic cigarettes have to offer. You will not regret it.

Mold Testing Kits For Homeowners

Nothing can set off alarm bells for a homeowner faster than discovering a bad water leak. Whether it’s inside the home, in the crawlspace or basement, it can be a serious issue. The longer the leak has been occurring, the worse it can be. The obvious damage of course is when there is rotting wood or other areas or items that have sustained damage. The leaking has to be stopped as quickly as possible.

Taking the Right Approach

Sometimes a homeowner will call a water damage professional right away because they want to make sure the problem is solved by a professional which can give them greater peace of mind. Some folks that think they are pretty handy around the house might try to fix the problem themselves. This is not uncommon these days if you have a tight budget and the problem isn’t extensive.


If you choose to fix the leaking and water damaged areas yourself, it is still a very good idea to invest in a home mold testing kit to make sure you aren’t leaving behind a silent killer like black mold. Once black mold gets started, it can take very little moisture to help keep it growing and spreading. If mold is already present from a leak that you fix, when your home is damp from humidity or condensation, it can still thrive.

Conducting Your Test

When you conduct your own home test to find mold, depending on which kit you buy, you can find other mold species besides just the dangerous black mold. You may find you also have aspergillus. This is a mold that can be found on foods. While most people won’t leave food sitting around long enough to worry about that, it can also be found in home air conditioning systems. Condensation can cause the mold and throw it right out into the air you breathe. It can cause lots of allergic reactions like rashes, sneezing, wheezing and coughing. If you have a pet that wheezes a lot, it can be caused from mold in the home. If your kids or elderly residents stay sick a lot, it can be because of mold.

Getting Your Kit

Buying a home mold test kit can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. They range from $30 or $40 dollars from kits that are limited in what they can detect all the way up to several hundred dollars for very extensive testing. Before if a homeowner wanted to test for mold, it was common practice to call in a professional water damage company to do the job. Long long ago if a person wanted to get a mold test kit and do it themselves, it required taking samples in different ways and waiting, then mailing in the results to a company that would analyze the samples and then send you the results. The kits available today can give you results in just a matter of minutes in many cases and you mail in nothing! If you are still curious about the kits then be sure to read more.

So, if you have already decided that you are handy enough to repair leaks and water damaged areas in your house, then take the next step and do your own mold testing too just to be on the safe side. If you save money doing your own repairs and leave behind growing mold, you may end up spending out a small fortune for a professional after all if you leave mold undetected.

Cooking for Better General Health

Cooking is good for your general health as well as your pocket. You can avoid junk food if you cook for yourself. As you transform home cooking into a propensity you’ll begin playing with flavors and attempting new things. A little while later, you’ll trench takeout and fast food altogether and adore the sustenance you cook. In the event that you begin with great fixings and the objective of making something solid and heavenly, you’re as of now more than most of the way there. Regardless of the fact that you never truly cherish cooking, you can make great, solid sustenance.Cooking requires some serious energy, as well. Still, in the event that you arrange your suppers, you can do a ton ahead of time. Low-exertion cooking is everything, particularly for that after-work, weeknight suppers. You don’t require a huge amount of gear.

The Need for Cooking for Better General Health

A moderate cooker is a staggeringly flexible cooking instrument, one that can be utilized for any formula, or anything you can long for. Utilize yours and use it frequently. Saline solutions and marinades mix enormous flavors without you lift a finger. Your stove can heat or meal nearly anything to flawlessness at three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit. You should simply watch out for it and set a clock while you accomplish something else. Keep it straightforward and simple, and let your fixings radiate through. For whatever length of time concentrate on the nuts and bolts and don’t make more work for yourself. You’ll be in and out of the kitchen in minutes consistently, finish with a sound supper for the night and the foundation for tomorrow’s dinner effectively arranged, if not as of now in the simmering pot. At that point, when you do have an inclination to accomplish something elaborate, you’ll have the push to do it.

How Cooking is Good for Your Health

Organic foods can be expensive, yet you truly need to eat well if you wish for your general health to improve. Fortunately, you can still eat well even if you do not have a lot of cash to spare. The main issue here is to put some time and vitality into discovering great, solid fixings to cook, whether you’re cooking for a family or you’re setting a table for one. Getting a decent workout is one thing, however eating regimen is general as essential, regardless of the fact that you loathe shopping for food. Fortunately, you don’t even truly need to extend your financial plan to enhance your eating regimen. You will be that as it may, need to alter your desires. In case you’re on a financial plan, you can’t simply purchase supplements or protein powder or coconut oil or whatever else the wellbeing masters say you totally need to have nowadays.

Understanding How Cooking is Good for Your Health

You can, nonetheless, retreat to nuts and bolts and eat great, entire, crisp sustenance that is great. Cooking routinely is one of the best things you can accomplish for your wellbeing, without a doubt. You’re less inclined to make unfortunate, gross nourishment or swing by the drive-through in the event that you confer yourself to arranging and cooking, and in the event that you have great fixings, to begin with.In the first place, set your desires. If you’re simply figuring out how to cook, don’t hope to turn out eatery style dishes. You objective ought to be to extend your points of view, make something you and your family appreciate, and do it with great, sound fixings. Try not to attempt to supplant your most loved supper spots or eatery dishes just yet. Your cooking skill will improve after some time, just as well as your health.