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Mold Testing Kits For Homeowners

Nothing can set off alarm bells for a homeowner faster than discovering a bad water leak. Whether it’s inside the home, in the crawlspace or basement, it can be a serious issue. The longer the leak has been occurring, the worse it can be. The obvious damage of course is when there is rotting wood or other areas or items that have sustained damage. The leaking has to be stopped as quickly as possible.

Taking the Right Approach

Sometimes a homeowner will call a water damage professional right away because they want to make sure the problem is solved by a professional which can give them greater peace of mind. Some folks that think they are pretty handy around the house might try to fix the problem themselves. This is not uncommon these days if you have a tight budget and the problem isn’t extensive.


If you choose to fix the leaking and water damaged areas yourself, it is still a very good idea to invest in a home mold testing kit to make sure you aren’t leaving behind a silent killer like black mold. Once black mold gets started, it can take very little moisture to help keep it growing and spreading. If mold is already present from a leak that you fix, when your home is damp from humidity or condensation, it can still thrive.

Conducting Your Test

When you conduct your own home test to find mold, depending on which kit you buy, you can find other mold species besides just the dangerous black mold. You may find you also have aspergillus. This is a mold that can be found on foods. While most people won’t leave food sitting around long enough to worry about that, it can also be found in home air conditioning systems. Condensation can cause the mold and throw it right out into the air you breathe. It can cause lots of allergic reactions like rashes, sneezing, wheezing and coughing. If you have a pet that wheezes a lot, it can be caused from mold in the home. If your kids or elderly residents stay sick a lot, it can be because of mold.

Getting Your Kit

Buying a home mold test kit can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like. They range from $30 or $40 dollars from kits that are limited in what they can detect all the way up to several hundred dollars for very extensive testing. Before if a homeowner wanted to test for mold, it was common practice to call in a professional water damage company to do the job. Long long ago if a person wanted to get a mold test kit and do it themselves, it required taking samples in different ways and waiting, then mailing in the results to a company that would analyze the samples and then send you the results. The kits available today can give you results in just a matter of minutes in many cases and you mail in nothing! If you are still curious about the kits then be sure to read more.

So, if you have already decided that you are handy enough to repair leaks and water damaged areas in your house, then take the next step and do your own mold testing too just to be on the safe side. If you save money doing your own repairs and leave behind growing mold, you may end up spending out a small fortune for a professional after all if you leave mold undetected.